About Ines Brunner


Ines Brunners work is mainly about the human body. She is intensely exploring it since 25 Years. Proportions, shapes, structure, light and colors. But it is less the outer form that is of interest for her. It is the research for the expression of it´s essence.

The latest work now is also about light that creates structure and colors. But this time the shapes are more open. Especially the theme about light and shadows. Here she tries to catch the transparency and volatility of clouds as well as their heaviness and weight. 

You can see the light, fighting with the shadows, breaking through heavy clouds. At the same time the work can also be seen very abstract.

Under the name of ´La Monarda´she does Art tile work. Here it is the structure of a landscape that is more related to the material of the earth.


1961 born in Nürnberg, Germany

1983-1987 Academy of Fine Arts, Nürnberg.

1987 Master-Degree, Painting Prof. C. Colditz

1988 Scholarship: Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk, Paris, France

1988-1989 Ècole de Beaux Arts, Paris, France, Sculpture Prof. Cardot

1991 Scholarship: Cité internationale des Arts, Paris


1989 Holiday Inn, Paris, France

1990 Gallery Des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

1991 ART Nürnberg 6, Germany

1991 Philips Gallery, Nürnberg, Germany

1992 LGA Gallery, Nürnberg, Germany

1992 Kunstraum Erlangen, Germany

1993 Herzogpark Gallery, Herzogenaurach, Germany

1993 Gallery Rosmarion, Erlangen, Germany

1994 Contemporary Painting & Sculpture Pommersfelden, Germany

1995 ArtWare Gallery, Nürnberg, Germany

1996 Gallery Bürgerhaus Schwabach, Germany

1997 BMW Gallery, Nürnberg, Germany

1998 Gallery Kreartive, Nürnberg, Germany

2000 Company & Co., Schauspielhaus Fürth, Germany

2002 Art Museum Erlangen, Germany

2004 Feedback, Nürnberg, Germany

2009 Gallery Akademy Lauf, Germany

2011 Tierras Alumbradas, La Galeria Jubrique, Spain

Art Projects and Commisions

1991-1994 Art Magazin PART OF ART, member of the editors

1991-1993 Modern Art fair ART Nürnberg, member of the organisation team

1990- 1993 Exhibition Series „Art Network“, Nürnberg, member of the organisation team
Copy Europe (1990), 1…2…3 Dimensionen (1991), Künstler-Zeitschriften International (1991), Copy Connection  A Transcontinental Cooperation (1992), ART Issue (1992), The Nomads (1993)

1991-1993 MAXIMUM GALLERY. Nürnberg Germany, Art Room for installation and performance, 12 events, member of the organisation team

1994 International Performancefestival ART Finale, Nürnberg, Germany, member of the organisation team

1995 Cleopatras Garden, Ceramic tile object

1996-99 kunstWERK, Loft-Gallery for installation, performance, new media and painting, organizer

1998 The Vizir´s Garden, Ceramic tile project,

2000 AEG Kunstpreis with DJ Marusha, Nürnberg, Germany, member of the organisation team

2001 The Star, Ceramic tile object for SIEMENS Dematic. 7 x 3 m, Germany

2001 Barock-Theater Ludwigsburg, Colomba Theater-Curtain, Apoll und die Musen, Copy of Innocente Colomba,
8 x 12 m

2002 The World, Ceramic tile wall-picture for SIEMENS Automation and Drives. 3 x 3 m, Germany

Since 2003 La Monarda Studios for painting and ceramic tile objects, Jubrique, Malaga, Spain
Among other works:
2005 Calender stone Series of 3, 150 cm
2008 Virgo Table fountain series of 31 objects
2010 Calahonda Bathroom ceramic work,