Are you looking for … 

An exquisite, intricate, yet durable work of exceptional quality - sculpted by hand from the finest materials.

A unique art structure.

A designer who can transform your room, house or other space into an harmonious entity.

A contemporary designer to make your dreams your reality.

We can create for you:

Interior or exterior ‚Tile Sculpture‘ for either private or public spaces.

A wall or an entire room, including other materials such as wood or stainless steel.

Fountains, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, bathtubs and washstands, etc.

Pathways, floors and kitchen / conservatory tiles.

Inlay, friezes and formed tiles.

Design and creation of unique works:

A freeform work of art, unconstrained by the restrictions of flat tiles.

Our tiles lie like a silk sheet over any form to create harmony and oneness with the room.

We never use broken tiles; the gap between tiles is always consistent.

Each single tile is formed with rounded edges before being glazed.

We can hand make any three dimensional tile.

Each project, from the initial design to the completed work, is a unique work for you alone. There will never be another like it.

We are:

Ines, who studied painting and sculpturing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg,
Germany, and at the École Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris.

Bert, whose origin is in the performance arts, started the fine arts ceramic project

La Monarda in 1995.